[yadifa-users] My reasons for giving up on YADIFA

Nis Wechselberg enbewe at enbewe.de
Thu Apr 13 14:30:04 CEST 2017

Hi Anand,

thanks for your perspective. The current messages on the list are kind
of the response I hoped for, so I don't think it is a lost cause, yet. I
would like to comment on some of your points, mostly because I feel in a
similar way. Some of the topics I left out in my last message to not
dive too much into details.

Am 13.04.2017 um 12:22 schrieb Anand Buddhdev:
> [...] Please start by posting your messages from your own
> accounts, and sign them with your name. Let folk see and feel that there
> are people behind this project.

While it is not a major issue for me, I second the notion.

> Start a publicly available bug tracking system, where users can report
> issues that everyone can see and join in the discussion and provide
> feedback. In the absence of that, we're reduced to posting bug reports
> by email on the mailing list, or to a private address ([email protected] or
> something like that). This is not transparent at all. [...]

Yes! I really welcome the fact that the source is on Github now, but in
my opinion that is only the beginning. There are certainly issues and
there are almost certainly feature requests from users. Please open up
here and give the community a chance to participate in discussions.

> And when I report a bug by email, I have no idea whether it will be
> fixed or not, or in which release. There's very little engagement about
> it with the developers. [...]

Thats right. I submitted one of the two issues, fixed in the current
release. After sending that in, I had no idea what was happening. Not
even an automated message from an internal issue system or the like.

That being said, I think the team around yadifa has already realized the
problem and I am confident that they will do their best.


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