[yadifa-users] Release 2.2.4 - Why is it so awfully quiet here?

Peter Larsen peter.larsen at larsendata.dk
Wed Apr 12 14:52:14 CEST 2017

well, i’m here

still doing testing on yadifa as a secondary option to nsd and bind … when i have time to spare

> On 12 Apr 2017, at 14.03, Nis Wechselberg <enbewe+yadifa at enbewe.de> wrote:
> Greetings,
> I am currently in the process of migrating my Nameservers to YADIFA
> (coming from BIND). To be more on the point I would like to migrate, but
> I don't have a good feeling about that.
> Mostly it boils down to the question in the topic: Why is nobody talking
> about YADIFA at all? I mean, it is not a filterbubble issue, right? I
> follow both mailinglists, I follow the twitter, I look around searching
> for info. There is not a single mention, that I can find, about the new
> version. I only found out about it by stumbling over the notifications
> in Github.
> But the silence is not limited to the new release. There is just
> *nothing* out there about YADIFA. Every news article boils down to "It
> is currently June 2012 and YADIFA has just been published". No blogs
> writing "Here is a slick new server with DNSSEC and all the nice
> features you want!" or "10 ways that using YADIFA will make you loose
> weight" (okay, that one is obviously not a good example).
> This all cries to me: "Oh my god, that project is as dead as a hammer.
> Don't invest time there."
> The only reason I believe that it is not dead, is the new release.
> Is it just that everybody is just super comfortable with the setup they
> have and there are no relevant bugs?
> And just to be clear: I don't mind low-traffic mailinglists, but at the
> moment this is a no-traffic mailinglist. Also I don't want my Twitter
> timeline spammed by YADIFA, but there has surely been something going on
> since October 2016, right?
> Any thoughts from any other user here? Did anyone miss the release until
> now? Or am I sitting in a room all by myself?
> Regards,
> Nis (eNBeWe)
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