[yadifa-users] Release 2.2.4 - Why is it so awfully quiet here?

Nis Wechselberg enbewe+yadifa at enbewe.de
Wed Apr 12 14:03:49 CEST 2017


I am currently in the process of migrating my Nameservers to YADIFA
(coming from BIND). To be more on the point I would like to migrate, but
I don't have a good feeling about that.
Mostly it boils down to the question in the topic: Why is nobody talking
about YADIFA at all? I mean, it is not a filterbubble issue, right? I
follow both mailinglists, I follow the twitter, I look around searching
for info. There is not a single mention, that I can find, about the new
version. I only found out about it by stumbling over the notifications
in Github.
But the silence is not limited to the new release. There is just
*nothing* out there about YADIFA. Every news article boils down to "It
is currently June 2012 and YADIFA has just been published". No blogs
writing "Here is a slick new server with DNSSEC and all the nice
features you want!" or "10 ways that using YADIFA will make you loose
weight" (okay, that one is obviously not a good example).

This all cries to me: "Oh my god, that project is as dead as a hammer.
Don't invest time there."
The only reason I believe that it is not dead, is the new release.

Is it just that everybody is just super comfortable with the setup they
have and there are no relevant bugs?

And just to be clear: I don't mind low-traffic mailinglists, but at the
moment this is a no-traffic mailinglist. Also I don't want my Twitter
timeline spammed by YADIFA, but there has surely been something going on
since October 2016, right?

Any thoughts from any other user here? Did anyone miss the release until
now? Or am I sitting in a room all by myself?

Nis (eNBeWe)

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