[yadifa-users] yadifa 2.2.0 aggressive slave behaviour

Anand Buddhdev anandb at ripe.net
Wed Jul 20 12:03:08 CEST 2016

On 19/07/16 18:19, yadifa wrote:

Hi yadifa devs,

>> Could you please consider adding code to yadifa to do ... back-off
> In release 2.2.1, we have added some back-off mechanism with configurable parameters:
> axfr-retry-failure-delay-multiplier which will increase the back-off time in a linear fashion
> axfr-retry-failure-delay-max which can be used to set the maximum time between failed retries.
> More information about these parameters will be documented in the 2.2.1 reference manual (coming soon).

I don't understand something, so could you please clarify?

There is already an option, called "axfr-retry-delay" in yadifa, and it
defaults to 600s. To me, this means that when AXFR for a zone fails,
yadifa should wait 600s before trying again. However, when I tested
2.2.0, it wasn't even waiting 600s - it was retrying the failed zones
immediately. Has that bug actually been fixed? A 600s delay between
failed AXFR retries would already be a good thing, but it seems to be
that it wasn't even doing that.

Secondly, if I set the multiplier to 2, will that result in retry
intervals values of 600s, 1200s, 2400s, 4800s, 9600s, ...? If so, then
this isn't a linear fashion, it's exponential. If you really meant
linear, then you want to *add* to the retry each time, and have 600,
1200, 1800, 2400, 3200, etc. But then, the option isn't a multiplier,
but an addend.

Therefore, please clarify what the actual behaviour is, and whether the
option names matches that behaviour.


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