[yadifa-users] listening on non-local interfaces

Jürgen Geinitz geinitz at denic.de
Mon Oct 19 09:32:20 CEST 2015

there's a difference in operating. We don't take down the dummy 
interfaces, we just tell the router/balancer not to feed this site any 
more (making use of the priviledge that one location has at least two 
physical servers). We can even take down the interfaces (dummy and eth1) 
as a whole because data, maintainance and update are feed through a 
pyhsical different interface. Therefore you won't see an outage on the 
location even if we do a re-install of the whole machine.

best regards

PS.: and yes and :: are no options. The security officer would 
kill me if he finds out during a security scan ;-)

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> Hi,
> so do I.
> But the BGP is configured to work with the addresses on the interfaces.
> If the interface is up, the bgp annouces the IPv4/6 prefix, if down 
> So if I do some maintenance, I put the dummyX interfaces down. This 
works well, but if I restart the DNS process it will not start
> due missing ip addresses to listen.
> I can't use or ::0 while the Yadifa/the same the others dns 
servers/ is using send/receive function,This will choose the 
> primary IP of outgoing interface for udp/dns response messages.
> There are few other solutions when listening on, ::0
> Use  sendmsg/ recvfrom as for example here 
> Enumerate interfaces as BIND do and bind to specific interface. Debain 
scripts do 'reload' on ifup/ifdown and the BIND will bind/
> unbind the address. 
> But I think adding listen to non-local interfaces is much more simpler.
>     best regards
>         Peter
> On 19/10/15 08:10, Jürgen Geinitz wrote:
> Hello,
> to speak for .DE, we are using dummy network devices to solve this
: deleted
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