[yadifa-users] listening on non-local interfaces

Gery Van Emelen Gery.VanEmelen at eurid.eu
Wed Oct 7 14:36:17 CEST 2015


You did not missed any configuration option.

This feature will be implemented in the near future.


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our dns anycast setup requires to listen on non-local IPv4/IPv6 addresses.

I tested the latest version 2.1.3, but if the dns daemon tried to bind on non/existent address /listed in listen directive/.

I did this test also on the other dns server with this result
- Knot DNS 1.X KO
- Knot DNS 2.X OK
- NSD4 OK, with ip-transparent options
- BIND 9.9.5 OK

Is there any configuration option I missed to activate this feature?
If not, there is +1 vote for this feature to implement.

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