[yadifa-users] Availability of source repository

Terry Burton tez at terryburton.co.uk
Thu Mar 19 18:10:07 CET 2015


Thank you for making YADIFA available under and open source license.

We are using in an slave advertiser role at a UK university and I have
recently been assisting with distribution packaging efforts.

One of the difficulties with running and packaging YADIFA is with the
lack of availability of the source code repository. A code dump at
release time does not help users of the software to participate in the
development process by supplying patches and reviewing/auditing
changes prior to release.

Are there any plans to make the project more open in this regard?

Does EURid's policies somehow prohibit real-time access to the source
code repository to encourage community contributions or is this just
an unintended consequence of the development processes? Whatever the
case it is worth pointing our that even a mirror of the source code
repository that is updated at release time would be a vast improvement
to those interested in individual commits.

All the best,


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