[yadifa-users] yadifa 2.0.6 observations and questions

Anand Buddhdev anandb at ripe.net
Thu Apr 23 13:37:40 CEST 2015

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On 22/04/15 14:53, Gery Van Emelen wrote:

Hi Gery,

Thanks for your replies. See my further comments below:

> 8. You can save the zone file to that file name if you dump
> everything to disk using kill -USR1 <pid> or the 'yadifa' control
> client. In a future release of YADIFA there will be an option to
> save automatically the transfered zone to its text file.

Okay thanks. Note that I don't actually need the text version of the
zone most of the time. I'm happy for yadifa to just store the binary
version, but would like the option for it to be written out in text
form if needed.

> 13. In version 2.1.0 user is an alias for uid and group an alias of
> gid.

Could you change it so that "user" and "group" are the option names,
and "uid" and "gid" are aliases? Then at some point, you could
deprecate "uid" and "gid".

> 14. Good point, it will have an alias in version 2.1.0.

Same here. Could you rename the option to "max-tcp-connections" and
make "max-tcp-queries" a temporary alias, to be removed later?

> 18. With the 'yadifa' client: ./yadifa -s " port 54" ...
> Thank you for pointing this out. This feature will be implemented
> in a future release.

Thanks for this.

So what's the schedule for 2.1.0?

Comment: GPGTools - http://gpgtools.org


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