[yadifa-users] Yadifa as slave server for Microsoft DNS server

Eric Diaz Fernandez eric.diazfernandez at eurid.eu
Wed Sep 4 14:06:53 CEST 2013

Dear Mr Markovic,

This message most likely means the answer from the windows dns server 
master server contains flags that are considered invalid by YADIFA.

Could you please provide us with :

_ The windows DNS server version and details about its settings for the 
zone (screenshots, text, anything you can provide)
_ The windows server version.
_ I assume that XXXXXXXXXXX.com. is not the real name of the zone.  
Could you give us the name where you replace letters and numbers but 
keep the '_' and '-' in place ?

Thank you for your interest in YADIFA.


Eric Diaz Fernandez

On 04/09/13 13:35, Nenad Markovic wrote:
> Is it possible? I just can't make it work. All I get is:
> 2013-09-04 13:03:35.303850 | server   | E | slave: AXFR: transfer of 
> And if I set up BIND as master, yadifa is ok with that, but reverting 
> to windows dns server it complains about IXFR transfer :
> 2013-09-04 13:20:16.559859 | server   | E | slave: IXFR: transfer of 
> BIND is working with this master without any errors and I want to 
> replace it with yadifa if it's possible.
> I've tried yadifa 1.0.0 debian package, yadifa 1.0.2 compiled from 
> source and 1.0.3 also compiled from source but outcome is always the same.
> Any solution?
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