[yadifa-users] IP for topmost domain name

Simon Burnet simbur at yahoo.com
Sat May 11 13:56:21 CEST 2013


I'm setting up YADIFA to replace an existing system, but having trouble setting up a CNAME for the topmost entry.

The configuration I am using is:

$ORIGIN mydomain.com
$TTL 1h

mydomain.com.    86400    IN    SOA ns1    webmaster (
    1    ; version
    1d    ; slave update time
    1h    ; slave retry (error updating)
    2d    ; slave record expire time (if not updated)
    1h    ; recursive dns, max cache time (lookup error)

server1  86400   IN    A     
www     86400   IN    CNAME   server1
@           86400   IN    CNAME   www

I've put "@" here, as this is the standard way of referencing the topmost domain; however YADIFA won't parse that line. It gives the following error:
   2013-05-11 04:54:40.309403 | zone     | E | zone file: parse: error at line 30: '@        86400    IN    CNAME    www': INVALID_CHARSET

So I have tried replacing the @ with the following lines:

                                           86400   IN    CNAME   www


mydomain.com.      86400   IN    CNAME   www

In these configurations, looking up www.mydomain.com works, as does server1.mydomain.com. Below is the result from the nslookup:

> www.mydomain.com
Server:  []

Name:    server1.mydomain.com
Aliases:  www.mydomain.com

However, looking up the top level domain does not work:

> mydomain.com
Server:  []

Name:    mydomain.com

It's probably a simple error on my part. There's nothing I can see in the logs that's going obviously wrong. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? :-).

Many thanks in advance,

- Simon.
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