[yadifa-users] TLSA Resource Record

Miek Gieben miek at miek.nl
Thu Oct 11 14:04:38 CEST 2012

[ Quoting <gery.vanemelen at eurid.eu> in "Re: [yadifa-users] TLSA Resource Re..." ]
> Hello,
> The TLSA RR will be added in the next release of YADIFA.
> As master name server, YADIFA can only parse those RR which are mentioned in the reference manual (http://www.yadifa.eu/sites/default/files/yadifa-reference-manual.pdf).

Ah, thanks for the clarification.

> As slave name server, YADIFA is not fully RFC 3597 compliant, but will accept the RR.

Ok. But what will then be written to the zonefile containing the slave zone?

Miek Gieben
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