[yadifa-announce] YADIFA release 2.1.6

Gery Van Emelen Gery.VanEmelen at eurid.eu
Mon Feb 8 10:35:15 CET 2016


YADIFA 2.1.6

The latest version of YADIFA can be found on the web site for YADIFA http://www.yadifa.eu/download.
No update of YADIFA manual: YM210.pdf.
No announcement was made for release 2.1.5. The fixes of both releases 2.1.5 and 2.1.6 are mentioned.

Fixes 2.1.6:
        - Fixed an issue where the referral would not be measured for UDP on a optimised build.

Fixes 2.1.5:
        - Fixed an issue where getting a huge incremental transfer would prevent the server from answering queries while applying the changes.
        - Fixed an issue serving IXFR that would occur when a incremental change step was bigger than 64KB
        - Fixed an issue for Solaris with the memory alignment fix not active everywhere
        - Fixed an issue on the Solaris build settings
        - Fixed an issue where sometimes yadifad would not find a configuration file given as a parameter with a relative path
        - Fixed an issue where a wild-card would not be properly returned with an AXFR
        - Fixed an issue where dynamically updating a zone at a speed such that the zone file would need to be written multiple times on disk
          before finishing the previous write could lead to a deadloc

        - Supported platforms : Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, OSX and Solaris
        - Authoritative name server
        - Load zone files
        - Resource Record types:
              SOA, A, AAAA, NS, CNAME, PTR, HINFO, TXT, MX     
        - Directives and special constructs:
              - TTL, ORIGIN, *(wildcard) and @
              - Zone transfer
              - Master & Slave
              - AXFR / IXFR      
              - Notify
              - TSIG
              - Dynamic update
              - DNSSEC:
                   - DSASHA1 (algorithm 3)
                   - DSASHA1 NSEC3 (algorithm 6)
                   - RSASHA1 (algorithm 5)
                   - RSASHA1 NSEC3 (algorithm 7)
                   - RSASHA256 NSEC3 (algorithm 8)
                   - RSASHA512 NSEC3 (algorithm 10)
               - Automatic resigning
               - NSID
               - DNS Response Rate Limiting
            - yadifa client for accessing yadifad servers 

Known issues:
          - Building successfully with LTO may require to append both AR=gcc-ar and RANLIB=gcc-ranlib to the ./configure command  
          - —enable-message does not work on OpenBSD 32-bit
          - Removing the last key of a signed zone is permitted by YADIFA, but triggers some chicken-egg issue with signatures
          - Adding and or removing NSEC3PARAM dynamically is not properly handled.

R & D team EURid

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