[yadifa-announce] YADIFA release 2.0.0

Gery Van Emelen gery.vanemelen at eurid.eu
Fri Sep 5 15:24:11 CEST 2014


        YADIFA 2.0.0


        The latest version of YADIFA can be found on the web site for YADIFA http://www.yadifa.eu/download .


        Additional information will be available soon in the form of a pdf document and the web site http://www.yadifa.eu


        * Supported platforms : Linux, *BSD, OSX

        * Authoritative name server

        * Load zone files

        * Resource Record types=20
                SOA, A, AAAA, NS, CNAME, PTR, HINFO, TXT, MX

        * Directives and special constructs
                TTL, ORIGIN, *(wildcard) and @

        * Zone transfer
                * Master & Slave
                * AXFR / IXFR
                * Notify
                * TSIG

        * dynamic update

        * DNSSEC
		* DSASHA1 (algorithm 3)
		* DSASHA1 NSEC3 (algorithm 6)
                * RSASHA1 (algorithm 5)
                * RSASHA1 NSEC3 (algorithm 7)
		* RSASHA256 NSEC3 (algorithm 8)
		* RSASHA512 NSEC3 (algorithm 10)
                * Automatic resigning

	* NSID 

	* DNS Response Rate Limiting

	* ‘yadifa’ client for accessing ‘yadifad’ servers

Known issue:
    	*  removing the last key of a signed zone is permitted by YADIFA but triggers some chicken-egg issue with signatures.

Issue Fixes:
	* fixed a memory leak that could occur at NSEC3 generation when loading the zone failed in a particular way
        * fixed a memory leak at ixfr send
        * fixed handling of '_' character that was improperly stored in the database
        * fixed bandwidth limit settings (tcp stream in and out) not always being taken from the configuration
        * fixed TSIG answer verification for notifies
        * fixed error codes not being registered and thus logged as unkown hexadecimal error code
	* fixed issue in flag computation (AD,CD)
	* fixed an issue with journal truncation sometimes leading to a crash
	* zone parsing now correctly accepts '#' as a comment marker
	* zone parsing now rejects wrong fqdn as soon as it reads them, leading to a more accurate error message
	* removing the last dnskey of a zone no longer crashes the server
	* fixed an issue with TSIG signed queries
	* fixed an issue with thread pool live resizing
	* fixed an issue where reading an undeleted obsolete journal ending at the start of a newly transferred zone from the master would incorrectly trigger an error
	* fixed a log incorrectly reporting an error when the client didn't close the TCP connection fast enough
	* fixed an issue with the statistics on TCP queries
        * other minor fixes

R & D team EURid
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